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IP Dish Satellite Internet Service

Directway Satellite Internet for the Middle East

Additional Network Services

Satellite-based Internet Access

IP Dish offers a range of Satellite Broadband Internet Access products to meet your network needs.

Dedicated Network Access

IP Dish can provision dedicated Internet bandwidth for your private usage. Our services can be scaled from single to hundreds of nodes, with any level of service and bandwidth imaginable. Our network can be partitioned and scaled to meet your on-demand bandwidth needs at a single site, or shared across an entire network.

Private Network Services

Private Network ServicesIP Dish can provide you with customized, multi-node private satellite network using our Direcway IP platform, or other solutions as your network may require. Our clients for custom services include government offices, banks, merchants requiring POS systems and more. Using the latest in VPN technologies, we can connect your private VSAT network directly to a corporate LAN, multi-node VPN or to a private cable network anywhere in the world.

Emergency Internet Access

IP Dish supports the mission of multi-national relief organizations and governments in providing emergency satellite Internet access to disaster locations and other critical sites. Our service can be deployed rapidly and easily; providing relief workers with critical communications and Internet services.

In addition, our services can be deployed on a temporary basis for Trade Shows, Corporate Conferences, Construction Sites, Concerts and Festivals, Service Outages, Auctions, Temporary Offices, Film Locations, and much more. Our goal is to meet your specific needs, and we welcome you to contact us!

Server Colocation facilities

IP Dish can provide web-hosting and server collocation facilities in an ISO9003 rated NOC in Dubai, UAE. With redundant OC-3 connections to the Internet and a 24/7 staffed and monitored facility, we offer our customers unparalleled hosting and management solutions.

Skyline VoIP service

Skyline VoIP serviceNow you can call anywhere in the world, or receive calls with a US-based telephone number. Skyline by IP Dish is a powerful VoIP service that offers high-quality voice service over your Direcway Internet connection. Now you can have guaranteed voice connections for your business or personal use - anywhere in our coverage area.

Our voice network is built from the ground up to offer outstanding call quality and reliable service. Using the proprietary Hughes DW6040 VoIP gateway and special NOC components, each call placed on our network is assigned a dedicated bandwidth stream and given exclusive priority to network bandwidth. In conjunction with our voice services partner in the US, IP Dish can offer toll-quality, VoIP services at reasonable prices. Visit our Skyline page for more information

World-Wide VPNs and Secure Network Services

IP Dish can provide you with secure VPN and other network services to connect your remote offices to a corporate network and transmit your secure data over tunneled connection on the Internet. Using the latest in VPN and firewall technologies, we can connect your private VSAT network directly to a corporate LAN, multi-node VPN or to a private cable network anywhere in the world through our Dubai NOC.

For more information about any of our custom services, please feel free to contact us!