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IP Dish Satellite Internet Service

Directway Satellite Internet for the Middle East

Features and benefits


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Direcway Internet service from IP Dish offers broadband network connections anywhere in the Middle East. Our services offer a faster and more reliable connection than Dial-up, allowing you to browse the Internet at up to 2Mbps. Enjoy network speeds up to 20 times faster than dial-up services.

Local Availability

Direcway Satellite Internet from IP Dish is available in nearly every Middle East country with fewer restrictions than other broadband services. IP Dish works with local agents in most countries who can assist with equipment delivery, installation and other technical services. Our outstanding agents have years of experience in Satellite Internet services and bring outstanding support to our customers.

Installation of the dish can be done anywhere with a view of the south eastern sky and the dish mounts easily on ground-based pole mounts, or on the roof of your building. Best of all, when you need to move your office, Direcway will move with you at no additional charge.

Outstanding Support

Unlike most Direcway providers in the region, IP Dish owns and operates a Direcway NOC and Hub from our company Teleport located in Dubai, UAE. Our local agents and customers agree that our service support and response time are outstanding and keep our customers coming back for more.


IP Dish's service and support is second to none! IP Dish owns and operates a Direcway Hub and teleport in Dubai, UAE - which we have optimized for maximum performance and reliability. Our Hub offers:

  • 99% or better up-time
  • 24/7/365 support
  • TCP Spoofing and other acceleration technologies
  • Advanced bandwidth sharing management
  • Local connection to the fiber backbone

More than this - because we control the hub and teleport, our customer service and response time in outstanding. We maintain the lowest sharing ratios in the business and support a wide range of custom network solutions.

Want to find out more? Contact us now to see how we can help with your specific network needs.