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IP Dish Satellite Internet Service

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Skyline VoIP for Direcway

IP Dish is now offering toll-quality VoIP service anywhere within our coverage area. Unlike some VoIP services which offer poor voice quality and dropped calls and more, Skyline gives you crystal clear voice service with no dropped calls.

Skyline by IP Dish uses the latest in advanced VoIP technology to dedicate and reserve bandwidth for VoIP calls. By allocating dedicated bandwidth to each call on the satellite network, our Skyline service is second to none.

How does it work?

Using the Hughes DW6040 VoIP appliance, IP Dish will connect your voice calls back to our switching partner in the US. Your DW6040 will have up to 4 assigned US Telephone numbers, and has standard analog telephone ports to connect normal telephones. When you place a call, the DW6040 appliance works with our Hub equipment to reserve bandwidth for your call, and connects your call through our switching platform in the US. For incoming calls, our US switching platform will route these calls directly to your DW6040 appliance - again, reserving bandwidth to ensure the highest quality of voice service.

To utilize our skyline serivce, you will need:

  • IP Dish Premium or 256k Premium service
  • Hughes DW6040 Voice Appliance
  • Pre-paid voice balance with IP Dish

Rates and Charges

ONLY $.25 / min to the US and incoming!

Skyline rates are very competetive with other toll-quality voice options throughout our coverage area. All calls placed on the system are charged a Network Service Fee of $.25 / minute. Incoming calls and outgoing calls to the US are charged only $.25 / min for our network service fee. Calls to other international destinations are billed at $.25 / minute plus our very competetive International Rates.

There are no monthly charges, per line charges or other hidden costs. Just $.25 per minute for incoming and outgoing crystal-clear calls.

Our Network Service fee charge enables IP Dish to reserve bandwidth both on our satellite link and back to the US to ensure un-interrupted quality.

For more information on rates or service questions, please contact us.

Skyline FAQs

Q: Does Skyline Work with other VoIP appliances?

A: No - you must use the DW6040 Voice Appliance which IP Dish can sell to you.

Q: What type of telephone do I need?

A: Any standard analog telephone will work with the DW6040 / Skyline package.

Q: Can I use Skyline with my Standard or Plus package?

A: At this time, Skyline is only available to Premium and 256k Premium users.

Q: Why is there a $.25 / minute network service fee?

A: Unlike some VoIP services which do not work well over satellite, Skyline reserves bandwidth both on the satellite network and on the Fiber backhaul to the US. The Network Service Fee helps to cover our costs of providing this dedicated bandwidth.

Q: How am I assigned a telephone number?

A: IP Dish will assign you a US telephone number from its pool of available numbers.

Q: How do I manage my pre-paid balance?

A: IP Dish will send you frequent account statements showing your account balance and usage. When your account is running low, you can pre-pay for more service as you need.

Q: How is Skyline different from other VoIP services?

A: Unlike other popular VoIP services, Skyline guarantees outstanding voice quality over the satellite network. Our service is guaranteed and always available.

Q: Does IP Dish block other VoIP services?

A: IP Dish does not block any other VoIP service, but we can only guarantee reliable voice quality with Skyline.

Q: Do you have a flat-rate plan (unlimited calling)?

A: Currently, our service is a per-minute billing plan to reflect the actual usage. If you have special needs for a large voice network, please contact us and we can discuss arrangements.